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Topwater Lures

In the bass fishing lure family topwater lures, also called surface baits, are some of the top fishing guide picks especially in shallow water. Topwater fishing lures basically float on the surface of the water to suggest surface bugs and other prey. Surface lures are generally used under cover and make a splashing or popping sound when cast. This attracts bass and other fish from great distances. Topwater fishing lure techniques include quickly jerking the lure with pauses in between. Other fishing tips include fishing during the early morning or evenings, which can be applicable for most all kinds of fishing.

Some of the more popular bass fishing lures in the topwater category are described below:

One of the more popular topwater fishing lures is the Fred Arbogast Jointed Jitterbug, which is known for its ‘action-packed’ capabilities. Arbogast fishing lures are popular amongst professional fishing guides as well as amateur anglers. The Jitterbug fishing lure also offers a perky splash which will attract bass and other fish including musky, and pike.

Fishing guides also go to the Heddon Crazy Crawler for their surface fishing lure needs. The Heddon brand is a staple in the industry and continues to offer some of the more popular fishing lures around. Heddon lures offer fishing guides and anglers sound quality and performance. Generally speaking no special technique is required for the this fishing lure as a strike will most likely occur upon the lure’s landing. Once you cast wait until the rings of the lure are gone before retrieval.

Another popular fishing lure in the Heddon family is the Heddon Zara Spook. This lure provides fast side to side action. This tantalizing action is bound to hook any bass or pike around. This lure especially shines in choppy or disturbed water such as during rain as it still creates noticeable surface action.

For those after bigger game fish, look for the “wounded” variety of the Heddon Zara Spook. This fishing lure offers propellers on both ends, which will increase water disturbance and grab the fishes’ attention. The name and action suggest that the lure represents wounded prey.