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alska fishing

Alaska Fishing

For fishing enthusiasts Alaska may be the ultimate in fishing trip destinations. Alaska offers some of the most remote wilderness in the country offering anglers a unique fishing and travel experience. Freshwater streams across Alaska provide excellent salmon and trout fishing and not only provides great fishing but also offers diverse wildlife an incomparable scenery.

The best time for salmon fishing is when the salmon are running. While the salmon remain in open water for the majority of their lives, they will begin running in the freshwater streams during the breeding season. While this provides for a unique wadding or land fishing experience, you can also find great silver salmon fishing in the saltwater off of Alaska’s coast in the Sitka region.

Rainbow trout and steelhead fishing are also among the most popular catches in the area. Depending on your budget and preferences you can get as close to civilization or as far away as you’d like. Typically you can charter a plane that is able to land in more inaccessible areas for idyllic scenery and sport. A good Alaska fishing guide service will help anglers navigate through the wilderness and find ideal fishing locations so you enjoy your time there without the worry.

Alaska Fishing Destinations

Bristol Bay fishing

Bristol Bay, Alaska is home to the largest fishing run in the world!

Kenai River fishing

The Kenai River area offers a wide variety of salmon such as giant king salmon, silver salmon and red salmon.

Kodiak Island Fishing

Kodiak Island, Alaska — notorious for the local bear species — is also home to trout and salmon varieties.

Sitka fishing

Sitka, Alaska is world famous for its saltwater fishing with average salmon weighing between 50 and 70 pounds!

Cooper River fishing

Cooper River, Alaska is yet another river abundant with salmon year round also. The Cooper River and its tributaries also offer good pike fishing.

Alaska Fishing Guides

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Kennai River Fishing Adventures
Soldonta, Alaska
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Salmon fishing on the Kenai River, Alaska
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Kenai River Fly Fishing

Darwin Peeterson fly fishing on the Kenai River, Alaska
Cooper Landing, Alaska
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Fish the turquoise waters of the Kenai River.
Soldotna, Alaska
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