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Fishing in New Mexico, A brief look

Unbeknownst to many just passing through, New Mexico offers many fishing lakes and streams and even vast mountain ranges with peaks reaching 13,000 feet. New Mexico is truly a land of surprises and enchanting surroundings. With a wide range of climatic conditions New Mexico has an unusual variety of fishing resources- brilliantly colored cutthroat trout in the high, cold streams and fishing lakes to sluggish catfish in the warmwaters of the low parts of the state. New Mexico's largest and most prolific trout fishing stream is the Rio Grande. The Rio Grande starts from the Colorado border down 80 miles, tearing through 400-900 foot deep gorges, cliffs and boulders. The Rio Grande Box Canyon area is also one of the more notable New Mexico fishing destinations. Twenty miles south, the Red River comes tumbling down from forested peaks through the renowned resort town of Red River. Best of all though, are the alpine lakes nestled at the base of jagged peaks and ridges such as Katherine Lake, Spirit Lake, Stewart Lake, and Johnson Lake. Hiring an experienced New Mexico fishing guide is always advisable when navigation the remote mountain lakes and streams.

As for warmwater fishing in New Mexico, Elephant Butte Lake is one of the more popular fishing spots for black bass, catfish, crappie, and yellow perch. Also the Canadian River, 31 miles WNW from Tucumcari is a magnificent fishing lake forged by the 155-foot high Conchas Dam. Other good warmwater fishing spots include the Canadian River for its great scenery and channel catfish, and the Ute Lake/Reservoir for all kinds of warmater fish varietals.

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New Mexico Fishing Locations

Fishing in New Mexico is the most prevalent in the following areas: Rio Grande, Sangre de Cristo, Costilla Creek, Latir Creek, Red River, Hondo Creek, Eagle Nest Lake, Cimarron Canyon, Clayton Lake, Charette Lake, New Mexico Alpine fishing lakes: Katherine Lake, Spirit Lake, Stewart Lake, Johnson Lake, Ruth lake, Hazel Lake, Alice Lake, Middle Fork, Baldy, Santiago, Encantada, Lost Bear lakes. Other New Mexico trout fishing lakes: Santa Cruz reservoir, Rio Cebolla, Fenton Lake, Chama River, El Vado Lake, Brazon Meadows, Colorado River, Four Corners, Navajo Dam, McGaffey Lake, Taylor Creek, White Mountains Country area. New Mexico warmwater fishing: Rio Grande, Pecos River, Willow Lake, Caballo Lake, Black River, Canadian River, Conchas River, Ute Reservoir

New Mexico Fishing Species

Popular New Mexico fishing species include: Rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout, smallmouth bass, sunfish, crappie, yellow perch, black bass, white bass, walleye, channel, blue, and flathead catfish, bullheads, Colorado squawfish, buffalo, suckers, carp, Gila trout

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